Our Level 1 classes teach students the proper golf set-up, swing fundamentals and the game's basic etiquette in a fun environment that encourages kids to give it a try. The Level 1 creates a framework for success and establishes a solid foundation for EGS's 3 Level Program. All  Level 1 students automatically advance into EGS  Level 2. Character Development Theme: Respect - for the game, the course, fellow players and yourself.
​EGS Level 2 builds upon fundamentals acquired in Level 1 to further develop each student's golf swing. Players experience more challenging drills and games while learning additional etiquette and introductory golf rules to prepare them for the Level 3 Skills Challenge, which they must pass to advance into Level 3. Character Development Theme: Responsibility - to practice your skills and learn the game’s rules and etiquette.
EGS  Level 3 prepares students with the skills and knowledge needed to move out of the after-school environment and tee it up on the golf course. Participants learn a pre-shot routine, new types of shots and additional golf rules while preparing for the golf course through simulations, visual aids and games.  Character Development Theme: Integrity - to follow golf's rules, call penalties on yourself, keep an accurate score, and always be honest.