Does Elementary Golf School provide equipment?---Yes, EGS provides all the equipment your child will need in class.  We custom fit each child with golf clubs on the first day of class to ensure they are using the proper equipment.   

Can my child bring their own golf clubs?---The school districts ask that students do not bring golf clubs to school for use in our classes.  If you would like your child’s instructor to evaluate your child’s clubs, a parent may bring them after school hours.


Is your equipment/class safe?---Your child’s safety is our number one priority; however, there is always risk of injury with any type of sports program.  Safety rules are the first thing addressed with students in the very first class, and are emphasized in each following lesson.  We maintain a low student teacher ratio so your child is under constant supervision.  We use Almost Golf Balls in all of our classes – they act just like real golf balls but are soft in case of impact.  In addition our staff are fully trained, insured, and knowledgeable in basic first aid and CPR techniques, with the additional support of school/park staff in case of emergencies.

Can parents attend classes?---Yes, we welcome parents at all of our classes.  Your support and encouragement is essential for your child’s growth and continued interest in the game.

How can parents help encourage our children?---1. Ask them what they learned in golf class.  Elementary Golf School will send an email each week with the lessons covered in class.  Use this to engage your child in conversation, they will love to tell you what they are learning in class.  2. Watch golf on TV.  Children imitate what they see and are largely visual learners so watching golf on television helps to reinforce the skills and values learned in class.  3. Get out there and play some golf.  Golf is a great game for the entire family to play together.  The driving range and miniature golf courses are great for kids of all ages.

Do you offer programs for advanced students?
Yes, our program consists of three levels and is progressive in nature.  As a student graduates, the next level builds on the skills and lessons of the previous class.    Level 1  -  Level 2  -  Level 3
We also have private lessons available for students who have completed all three levels or those who just can’t get enough golf (see below)!

My child’s school does not offer an after school Golf Program.  Can I sign up at another school?
Yes, if your child's school does not offer an after school golf class, you can either request that EGS offer classes at your school. or sign up for another school's golf program.

Do you offer private lessons?
Yes, private and semi-private lessons are available through our mobile golf academy.  For pricing and details, email

Have another question?  Please don’t hesitate to ask.  Contact Us Now!